John DOE

February 16, 2023

Throughout history, art has often been a medium to exchange any message to the public. The artist expresses his dissatisfaction and tries to place any issue in the spotlights. An investigating artist encourages the spectator’s self reflection or a reflection on the world of which he is a part himself. Concerning social and political situations (war, poverty, corruption, etc.), avant-gardism brought a necessary evolution in the world of art. Innovative artists always resisted any form of convention or esthetical expectations, and fought with a (repetitive) combative character peculiar to the objective of true art. That the art world has strongly changed is impossible to ignore. Today, the art market often seems to be a game of high prices, without having knowledge or an eye for the quality, material, date and other important information of the artworks.
In name of the art-lover, art critic, art dealer and investigating artist, John Doe pleads for the attention for quality. He disapproves the decorative art answering populism and the mere attention for the ‘low and high estimates’. The end justifies the means, and John Doe uses every object that lends itself to a special medium. A variation of canvasses, metal and wooden boxes, plates, constructions,… He works on every kind of material people are confronted with in their social live or the art scene. John Doe’s concept starts with a page from an auction catalogue, which is the base for his critical expression. John Doe questions the art market!