Jonathan MEESE

March 29, 2019

Jonathan Meese was born in Tokyo in 1970. Since the 1990s he settled in Germany, where he still lives and works. As a contemporary visual artist, he quickly gained attention both in his own country and abroad. Not only his sculptures and paintings, but also his installations and performances bear witness to a critical vision. He uses wild brushstrokes and bright colours to fill his canvas with symbols, inscriptions, strange creatures, etc. He often portrays himself as a figure of Christ, a soldier, a monster, etc. The inscriptions, mostly in German, contain existing words, but usually have no real content. Just as he also takes the power away from certain symbols, often of a political nature. For example, he uses the swastika and the German Cross, and uses words like ‘Nazi’, ‘dictatur’, ‘revolution’,… He throws everything together in one big chaos, combines them with sexual symbols or monstrous figures. He wants to strip them of their ideological power by ridiculing them with a very ironic approach. His eccentric character and appearance fit in seamlessly with his oeuvre. Widely provocation and very unique in style. As a contemporary artist, he is capturing international attention. There is only one thing he glorifies, the medium that makes all this possible, the ART.