Valerio ADAMI

September 2, 2021

Valerio Adami was born in 1935 in Bologna. From a young age he was taught the study of painting by Felice Carena. In 1955, after his studies at the Brera Academy in Milan, he moved to Paris where he met Roberto Matta among others. Throughout his live he travelled around the world, staying at one place for only a short time. In his early work, an influence of Matta is clearly noticeable, combined with expressionistic elements he created an abstraction. He soon evolved into the style that brought him individuality and recognition in the art world. A pop art style of ordered chaos based on sharply delineated figurative fragments, with a modern representation of surrealist and cubist influence. The subjects in his work varied throughout his career. Initially he painted recognizable everyday scenes such as spaces in houses and shops, which evolved further into subjects from politics, history, literature, religion, … His work of the last decades is often of a classic nature, a modern interpretation of a neoclassical style, as it were. Here he takes the viewer on a philosophical dream journey in which he responds to emotions, desires and the rediscovery of beauty and creativity.